Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand

Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand
Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand
Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand
Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand
Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand
Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand

Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand

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While the plant itself is the star of the show, the accoutrements that display it are the very important supporting acts. This Martha Stewart Faux Bois Plant Stand knows how to play that role perfectly — boosting up and showcasing the plant in a way that makes it even more lovely. Inspired by Martha’s favorite type of planters, the plant stand features a realistic all-over bark texture that looks effortlessly rustic yet upscale. The plant stand is 22” tall and looks marvelous with one of the Martha Stewart Faux Bois Planters atop it.

• Designed in Martha’s favorite outdoor technique Faux Bois. Faux Bois is a French word meaning “false wood”. Usually constructed in heavy concrete, Martha has specially designed in a lightweight construction
Sturdy, heavy material for indoor or outdoor use
• Martha’s Tip: Martha uses these plant stands in her kitchen, on her front porch, and in the garden to elevate plants to showcase how interesting they are
• 22” in height

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Faux Bois Functionality

The Faux Bois Plant Stand is incredibly flexible. Intended to effortlessly elevate any potted plant in your collection, it has the capacity to create dynamic height differences in a collection of plants, or simply showcase a standout.

Ideal for your garden, patio, or tiled pool area, as well as a corner of your winter garden or other indoor space in your home, this plant stand is exceptionally easy to combine with any design.

Because of its lightweight construction, the Faux Bois Planter will never be confined to one place. Move it anywhere, anytime!

Outdoor Decor on

Martha Stewart loves finding connections between a home’s indoor and outdoor decor. With personally designed products and decorative principles that find natural beauty in the most unexpected, refreshing, and beautiful ways, outdoor decor on is as flexible and versatile as it is high-quality.

Feel free to combine these products with any contemporary styles and design concepts. Intended as truly modern objects that deliver neutral, but flavorful accents to a space, Martha’s outdoor living products will heighten your home’s elegance with grace and ease.

What is a Faux Bois Plant Stand?

Faux Bois, from the French “false wood”, is a construction technique that results in a resemblance to the natural elegance of wood - without any of the mess! While Faux Bois is usually built from concrete, Martha’s faux bois plant stand is made from a lightweight resin material that makes it easy to clean and move.

What is faux bois furniture?

While there are many kinds of furniture that can be made from Faux Bois, Martha’s faux bois plant stand are the perfect combination of form and function.

With an organic design, these stands are the perfect surface for outdoor elevation - weather-resistant and organically beautiful. You can place them anywhere for an aesthetically pleasing result!

What is the best material for a plant stand?

While there are countless materials to choose from when it comes to plant stands, there is no better design than the lightweight Faux Bois of Martha’s own make. The biggest upside to the material is how easy it is to clean. Place any potted plant or planter on top and never fear about permanent stains from water or soil!

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