Martha Stewart

Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes: A Cookbook

  • With so much flavor, innovation, and information between the covers of this book, you’ll almost forget that the entire theme is about what isn’t there. Meat? You don’t need it (and when you’re sitting down to eat the succulent meals from this book, you certainly won’t be missing it, either.) Featuring 200 recipes ranging from versatile and light small plates to crowd-pleasers like tacos, pizza, and lasagna, this book will outline how to make the most of the vegetarian ingredients you have, what staples to buy, and important aspects like nutritional value and techniques to amplify the earthy, savory tastes. Meatless represents an accessible range of meals that will make readers want to dive right in, regardless of whether they are interested in learning more about a vegetarian lifestyle, devout followers of a plant-based diet, or flexitarians who want to bring some new ideas to their Meatless Monday menus.