Martha Stewart

Everyday Food: Light: The Quickest and Easiest Recipes, All Under 500 Calories: A Cookbook

  • Light and low calorie foods have become synonymous with less: less flavor, less food to eat, and, unfortunately, less fun. This book, from the editors of Everyday Food, completely challenges and reinvigorates this concept, providing easy-to-cook meals that will leave you and your family more than satisfied. Each recipe in the book registers at under 500 calories, yet is delicious, enjoyable to make and to eat, and accompanied with timeless tips on techniques and tools to use in the kitchen for healthier meals. If you didn’t realize that a citrus zester, some marinade, and a cast-iron skillet were your best assets for whipping up healthy and heavenly foods in no time at all, you will see them in a new light by the time you close this book. Written for full-time workers and homemakers alike, the recipes are accessible and reasonable in their time and prep requirements. The results? So good you’ll want a second serving, and so guiltless, you absolutely should have one.