Martha Stewart

AUTOGRAPHED COPY Martha Stewart's Fruit Desserts: 100+ Delicious Ways to Savor the Best of Every Season

  • Martha’s 99th book is here, with a special personal touch! This is a signed copy of Martha Stewart’s Fruit Desserts exclusively on! It will stand out as a prized edition among your other cookbooks or Martha publications.  Past the signature, the book itself sure is something to savor. Any dessert lover knows that while chocolate is decadent, and cakes always rise to the occasion, there is a special freshness to fruit desserts that makes them stand out among the sweets. From summer’s plump, juicy peaches and plums to the addictive brightness of some just-squeezed citrus fruits, Martha Stewart’s Fruit Desserts offers innovative and unique takes on the flavors we all grew up loving, as well as taking its time to honor the classics and demonstrate how to modernize them as desired. All that’s needed once this instructive book is in your hands is a trip to the orchard … Martha will walk you through the rest in personalized fashion.