Martha Stewart's Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone's Favorite Treat: A Baking Book

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Martha Stewart's Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone's Favorite Treat: A Baking Book

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So well loved that they earned a Martha Stewart cookbook of their own, cupcakes are the perfect choice for a shareable, delightful dessert that will always be received by smiling faces. In this book, Martha shares recipes for 175 cupcakes, including fillings, frostings, and adornments, and presents each with straight forward instructions and stunning photographs (as well as advice on decorating techniques and packaging and presentations). The recipes range from everyday favorites like red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and yellow buttermilk cupcakes with fluffy vanilla frosting, to innovative new flavors like chai tea mini cupcakes and peanut butter and jam cupcakes. Also included are ideas for holidays, and of course, special occasions. Whoever thought that cupcakes couldn’t be the main dessert at a soiree or wedding hasn’t read this book yet — Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes features show-stopping options that rival the tallest and most ornate cakes.

• Featuring 175 cupcake recipes ranging from everyday favorites to showstoppers for events, holidays, and weddings, this book contains all of the knowledge and inspiration you need for these shareable treats.
• 352 pages
• 175 recipes

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Everyone’s Favorite Dessert

Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes approaches everyone’s favorite dessert from a new angle: a cupcake can be so much more than a forgettable delicacy. It can literally change someone’s day, introduce them to new flavors, and make them giddy with delight.

If you feel like you’ve grown bored of regular old cupcakes, this book is for you. Martha deconstructs the art of dough and frosting and finds whole new ways to approach your favorite mini-cake. You won’t believe all the ways you can make a delicious dessert!

Martha’s Signature Books

Replicating Martha Stewart’s successful homemaking starts with her books. From Cookbooks to Party Planning Guides, the volumes available on represent full access to Martha’s wisdom and vision.

By letting her recipes and ideas inspire you, you will not only come to appreciate Martha’s products more fully, but you’ll be able to develop your own sense of how to tackle the various tasks and duties that can befall a host and homemaker. Get reading today!

What do I need this book for?

Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes will introduce you to a huge variety of cupcake recipes - so many delicious options that you’ll be baking your way through the pages of this book for a long time. Picking up new favorites along the way, you’ll also encounter new flavors and innovative approaches that might just change the way you bake - for good.

Dedication to quality, detail, and creativity make cupcakes what they are. That philosophy runs through this groundbreaking book. You’ll never run out of ideas for delicious cupcakes again!

How many recipes are in this book?

There are 175 cupcake recipes in this amazing book, all but ensuring that you’ll find dozens of new favorites. Who wouldn’t want to learn about cupcakes from Martha Stewart herself? You won’t believe how many creative ideas she has up her sleeve!

What do I need for the recipes in this book?

Anything you might possibly need beyond the kitchen equipment you already have is available on Check out the wide variety of tools, vessels, and ingredients on offer, and be assured of their chef-grade quality. When it comes to transforming her favorite recipes into reality, Martha wants to provide you with everything you may need!

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