Martha Stewart's Vegetables: Inspired Recipes and Tips for Choosing, Cooking, and Enjoying the Freshest Seasonal Flavors: A Cookbook

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Martha Stewart's Vegetables: Inspired Recipes and Tips for Choosing, Cooking, and Enjoying the Freshest Seasonal Flavors: A Cookbook

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From the garden to the marketplace, there is almost no taste as fresh and exhilarating as a perfectly ripe and fresh vegetable. Throughout the seasons, nature offers us a rotating menu of these earthly goods, and now Martha Stewart has authored this book to provide knowledge and insight on making the most of your bounty. From knowing which marketplace produce to choose, to storing it correctly, and of course, hundreds of diverse and delectable preparations, this book will demystify cooking vegetables and polish up their reputation as stars of the kitchen. Most of the recipes in the book are vegetarian, while other showcase the sweeter side of veggies that feature superbly in dessert or breakfast courses, however the most important takeaway from the book is that there’s almost nothing the right vegetable can’t do.

• From renowned gardener and vegetable-lover, Martha Stewart, this book demystifies the process of choosing, storing, and prepping veggies, and offers hundreds of diverse, delectable vegetable-focused recipes.
• 282 pages
• 130 recipes

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Vibrant Vegetables

Vegetables are as varied as they are healthy - and so often misunderstood. Dive into the colorful, delicious world of vegetable cooking with Martha Stewart’s Vegetables. You’ll be inspired to find new ways to incorporate vegetables into your regular diet. But you’ll also gain the confidence to make the humble vegetable the centerpiece of a festive meal.

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By letting her recipes and ideas inspire you, you will not only come to appreciate Martha’s products more fully, but you’ll be able to develop your own sense of how to tackle the various tasks and duties that can befall a host and homemaker. Get reading today!

What do I need this book for?

Martha Stewart’s Vegetables will introduce you to a huge variety of vegetable recipes - so many delicious options that you’ll be cooking your way through the garden and grocer’s aisle for a long time. Picking up new favorites along the way, you’ll also encounter new flavors and innovative approaches that might just change the way you cook - for good.

How many recipes are in this book?

There are over 130 recipes in this book, ranging from classic favorite side dishes to vegetable main courses you’ll want to add to your weekly meal rotation. You’ll be eating a more balanced diet in no time - and having fun exploring the colorful world of vegetables while doing it.

What do I need for the recipes in this book?

Anything you might possibly need beyond the kitchen equipment you already have is available on Check out the wide variety of tools, vessels, and ingredients on offer, and be assured of their chef-grade quality. When it comes to transforming her favorite recipes into reality, Martha wants to provide you with everything you may need!

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