Baccarat Martharita Pitcher

  • The Martha Collection by Baccarat is the result of a creative collaboration between the iconic company, a symbol of a glamorous lifestyle, and Martha Stewart, the lifestyle entrepreneur who has influenced America with her singular approach to the art of hospitality. Debuting with the Martharita Goblets and this Martharita Pitcher, the collection will be expanding in 2022. The collection is inspired by Martha’s tenure at Skylands, her home in Maine. When Martha purchased Skylands, the estate came with an extensive collection of Baccarat pieces, many of which featured the signature Nancy pattern. This pitcher and goblet set were a creative collaboration between Martha and the Baccarat design team to be a modern update on the jewel-like pattern. Serve guests with impeccable style by bringing this pitcher to the table. It not only complements the Martharita goblets beautifully, but adds an element of luxury to your lifestyle.

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