Martha Stewart

Perry Street Serving Bowl, 10"

Blue Rim
  • Plates and platters may display the star of the table, but the food served in bowls is almost always the soul of the meal. So why not give these wholesome eats the presentation they deserve? If fresh veggies or healthy options are what’s inspiring you at the moment, you may see this Perry Street 10” Bowl as an optimal vessel for an abundant salad, however if you’re feeling more drawn to the sweet and salty flavor profile, it also provides the perfect lodging for some warm, inviting mashed potatoes or a casual batch of caramel corn. Both dishwasher- and microwave-safe, this Bowl is an exceptional choice for a sophisticated, yet fuss-free kitchen. Its organic stoneware composition means that it will stand up to weekday dinners, weekend entertaining, and the occasional soiree, and never look older than the day it arrives.