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Hand Weeder
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As sure as a garden grows, so too will the weeds. However, with the proper tools like this Martha Stewart Mini Weeder, keeping the unwanted species at bay is simpler than ever. With a short handle, which Martha Stewart likes “best, so as to not disturb any of the neighboring non-weed specimens,” and a precise forked end for grabbing the weeds and prying any roots loose, this tool will make what was previously an arduous task a breeze. The small size makes this tool perfect for planters, herb gardens, between patio stones, and other jobs that require more dexterity. The solid steel blade will cut through soil and roots simply.

• Sturdy hardwood handle and solid steel construction
• Forked end for grabbing weeds and prying roots loose
• Great for planters, herb gardens, between patio + paver stones, and more!
• Wedged steel blade is ideal for smaller weeding projects that require dexterity
• Blade is highly effective in cutting through weeds, roots, soil, & more

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Wonderful Weeding

Weeding can be a real nuisance, but it’s also essential for getting a garden in top shape. With a tool as convenient, durable, and easy-to-use as this hand weeder, designed by Martha herself, you’ll have those weeds pulled in no time.

The solid steel construction and forked end make this hand weeder an incredibly reliable helper in your flowerbeds, your herb and vegetable gardens, as well as on your patio.

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What is a weeder used for?

A weeder is used to pull out pesky plants that have weaseled their way into your manicured flowerbeds. Simply drag your hand weeder along the soil between your favorite plants and watch it pick up weeds by the roots! You’ll have an immaculate garden back in no time.

Martha also loves to use the hand weeder to clean between the stones of her patio, where grass and other weeds are known to push their way through the cracks. It’s easy as can be!

What is the best weeder to buy?

There are many weeders on the market, no doubt. What few of them offer, however, is convenience and durability wrapped up in one product. This Martha Stewart hand weeder is top-quality - easily one of the best weeders you can buy.

The light, hand-held construction belies its weeding power. Indeed, your weeds won’t be prepared for the steel-strong fork, carefully engineered to maximize weed removal.

Is it better to cut or pull weeds?

Cutting weeds doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Only when you pull weeds up all the way out of the soil will they not be able to re-grow. As such, you need a tool like this hand weeder to guarantee the integrity of the garden in the long run.

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