Plant Moisture Indicator

Plant Moisture Indicator
Plant Moisture Indicator
Plant Moisture Indicator
Plant Moisture Indicator

Plant Moisture Indicator

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One of the most elusive parts of plant care can be understanding when (and, just as crucially, when not) to give your greenery some water. Expert botanists can determine a plant’s need by the look of its leaves, but the rest of us can only benefit from a tool like the Plant Moisture Indicator, which takes all of the guesswork out of determining the ideal watering schedule. To use, simply insert the indicator into the plant’s soil before watering; about 20-30 minutes after watering, the moisture indicator will turn blue — when it turns white again, it’s time to grab the watering can and give your plant another drink. This useful tool lasts 6-9 months before the refillable core will need a replacement

• Skip the "finger test" and let the indicator alert you to soil dryness
• Naturally activated—no batteries needed
• Changes color when it's time to water
• 4-inch height, slim profile, and green color blend artfully into your plants



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Helpful Indication

Stay in touch with your potted plant’s moisture levels using the plant moisture indicator. It’s one of Martha’s favorite tools in home gardening. Easy to use and affordable, with long-lasting functionality and easy replacement capability, it’s guaranteed to make indoor gardening a breeze.

Simply stick the indicator in the soil and take care of your plant as usual. If you’re in a new environment or a surprising period of moisture, for example, just check the plant moisture indicator to see whether your plant needs water!

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Plants are essential to Martha and her vision of the modern home. Decorating with potted plants lends every interior space an organic vitality and colorful depth. With the hand-picked potted plant selections from, you are guaranteed a tasteful addition to your home.

How do you test moisture in a potted plant?

There are many ways to test moisture in a potted plant - you could simply stick your finger in the soil and note how it feels! But that’s a dirty, unreliable way to check in with your plant life. Why not use a simple plant moisture indicator, instead? It will make your indoor gardening easy as can be!

How do you use a plant moisture indicator?

Simply stick in the plant moisture indicator to the depth that your plant should remain hydrated at, and water your plant as you normally would. The indicator will turn blue once the soil is properly hydrated. You won’t need to water again until it turns white!

What moisture levels should plants be?

Moisture levels depend on the plant! Some, like the ZZ plant, available on, need very little moisture. You can wait to water until the soil is completely dry. Stick your plant moisture indicator all the way down in the pot for a plant like that.

Other plants have other needs! Check the product description of each plant you buy and inform yourself of best practices!

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