Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Folding Pruning Saw

Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Folding Pruning Saw
Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Folding Pruning Saw
Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Folding Pruning Saw
Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Folding Pruning Saw

Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Folding Pruning Saw

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Give your trees and hedges a helping hand by keeping them healthy and attractive with this Martha Stewart Pruning Saw. Its 8-inch blade, crafted from Japanese stainless steel, features a powerful cross-cutting design for sawing in both directions. The branches will feel like butter when you employ this pruning saw — even better if you can save some of the trimmings to use as kindling on your next camping outing. Designed for efficacy as much as for safety, the blade of the saw folds easily and safely into the handle for risk-free carrying and storage. The handle itself is non-slip, guaranteeing these will be a new favorite among garden tools.

• Multipurpose portable pruning saw
• Blade folds into handle
• Approximate measurements: Open 17-1/2"L; Closed 9-1/2"L

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A Tool for Gardeners

Gardening involves many different tasks and not all of them can be completed with one tool alone. One of the most elusive missions may be pruning - it’s an essential part of maintaining a tree’s health and strong growth. With this folding pruning saw, pruning will become a veritable breeze.

Effortlessly portable, so as to not add further weight to an involved physical task, and equipped with a true non-slip handle, this pruning saw is the safest, easiest way to cut through the branch clutter.

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What is the best saw for cutting branches?

There may be no better saw for cutting stray branches than this folding pruning saw. Combining a light construction and high-quality blade with a non-slip handle, it’s a safe, easy-to-use gardening tool that will change the way you prune - for good.

What is a pruning saw used for?

The primary purpose of a pruning saw is to cut stray branches from a tree - thereby maximizing the tree’s growth potential along its primary branches. It’s a studied technique that requires a certain understanding of trees - like the one Martha Stewart offers in her series of gardening guides.

Once you know the basics about pruning, you’ll want to reach for this folding pruning saw. You won’t be disappointed by its quality and ease of use.

Can you cut down a tree with a pruning saw?

You should not attempt to cut anything thicker than a large tree branch with this folding pruning saw. In general, felling trees requires very different tools and should ideally be done by a professional. Stay safe in the garden!

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