Small Watering can
Small Watering can
Small Watering can
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Martha’s mantra of using the right tool for the right job rarely looks as good as it does in this gleaming, gilded watering can. Designed with a sleek form and narrow spout that is ideal for indoor plants in small pots or in hard to reach places, this vessel will ensure a delicate and steady flow of water reaches just where it needs to — no messes or spills involved. With a sand brushed gold finish, the watering can is so chic and attractive, it is perfectly acceptable (encouraged, even) to leave it out between uses … perhaps as a clever vase for a quick cut bouquet of flowers from the garden. The watering can is 10.6”x6.1” with a 7” spout and holds 27 ounces of water.

• Dimensions: 10.6”x6.1” with a 7” spout and holds 27 ounces of water
• Long spout designed to reach plants on shelves, hanging baskets, and planter boxes
• Sand-blasted metal adds a stylish golden glint to your décor
• Rust-proof for years of plant care



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Tasteful Watering Can

Water your plants in style with this gorgeous golden small watering can. Reminiscent of an Art Deco style product, this can fits beautifully into any modern interior, with timeless elegance and substantial charm.

A small watering can is easy to store - keep it next to your favorite plants or by your sink. It won’t take up much space and it won’t look out of place - in fact, it’ll elevate your home with its sheer decorative sheen.

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Plants are essential to Martha and her vision of the modern home. Decorating with potted plants lends every interior space an organic vitality and colorful depth. With the hand-picked potted plant selections from, you are guaranteed a tasteful addition to your home.

How much does a watering can hold?

This small watering can hold up to 27 ounces of water, which makes it perfect for watering a small gathering of potted houseplants in one go! The small size makes it easier to store, carry, and use - no drop will be wasted because the can is too heavy!

What can I use instead of a watering can?

While you can of course use any vessel to carry water from your sink to your plants, there’s nothing as graceful, clean, and easy to use as a small watering can. You won’t want to hydrate your plants with anything else once you’ve held the small watering can in your hands.

It’s a beautiful, rust-proof product that is guaranteed to make indoor gardening as graceful and fun as can be!

Is it better to use a watering can?

In every way, a watering can is the best tool to use for watering plants. The thin, long spout allows you to reach between and behind plants, without needing to move anything around or causing annoying spills! With a tool as light and beautiful as this small watering can, indoor gardening just became infinitely more stylish!

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