ZZ Plant in 7” Pot
ZZ Plant in 7” Pot
ZZ Plant in 7” Pot
ZZ Plant in 7” Pot
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Though this photogenic potted plant may never top a list arranged alphabetically, it tops many lists explaining the best indoor plants. Loved for its impressive tolerance, as well as its pretty branches of stacked, upward facing, waxy green leaves, this plant is one of those purchases you can happily file under “You can’t go wrong.” Though the ZZ Plant (short for Zamioculcas zamiifolia) will grow best in sunny locals, it will be more than happy (if just a little shorter) in lower light areas. Native to Africa, it is very drought resistant and requires little tending in the way of watering. If you’re looking to channel your inner Martha Stewart and assemble an indoor garden of your own, this happy little piece of greenery is the perfect place to start. The ZZ Plant is not pet friendly.

• Perfect houseplant for indoor gardening beginners
• Simple, chic ceramic pot complements all decor styles, available in either black or white
• Loves sunlight—place in a bright spot
• Tolerates dry conditions well, only needs occasional watering
• Not pet-safe—keep out of reach



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ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is a favorite among potted plant fans. It has a vertical build, shooting out of its black ZZ Plant pot with vigor and true beauty. It’s ideal for any lover of interior flora, even one who knows little about plants. There’s perhaps no real plant more resilient and low-maintenance than the ZZ plant.

The black ZZ Plant 7” pot is an elegant vessel for an elegant plant. A high-quality ceramic product, it’s ideally suited for your home and will make caring for your snake plant a complete breeze!

Plants at Martha.com

Plants are essential to Martha and her vision of the modern home. Decorating with potted plants lends every interior space an organic vitality and colorful depth. With the hand-picked potted plant selections from Martha.com, you are guaranteed a tasteful addition to your home.

How do you take care of a ZZ plant?

The ZZ Plant grows best in lots of indirect light. Direct sunlight has the capacity to scorch leaves. As long as you keep your black ZZ plant pot in a well-lit room, out of the direct rays of the sun, it is sure to thrive.

The ZZ plant is one of the most low-maintenance plants you can bring into your home. Because of its advanced water retention capabilities, it only needs to be watered once the entirety of its soil is dry - in the colder months, you may only need to water it about once a month.

Does the ZZ Plant need sunlight?

The ZZ Plant enjoys lots of indirect sunlight but can keep just as well in an electricity-lit office space, for example. In general, the ZZ Plant is extremely resilient. As long as you keep it out of direct sunlight, which has the ability to burn its leaves, the ZZ Plant will thrive.

The stylish black ZZ Plant pot can be placed in any contemporary interior, making the ZZ Plant a brilliant choice for truly any space. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong.

Is the ZZ plant good for the home?

The ZZ plant will add a vibrant splash of color to your home. In the tasteful black ZZ plant pot, it’s an especially handsome addition to any room of your home. Martha Stewart loves the way this plant, in particular, makes itself known even in a corner: with its tall, proud leaves and elegant growth, it’s a perfect choice for indoor plant life.

Is the ZZ plant toxic?

All parts of the ZZ plant are not safe for consumption by humans and pets. That’s why it is essential to keep the ZZ plant out of reach of any children or pets. Once you’ve selected the perfect spot, however, the black ZZ Plant pot will house a truly remarkable plant.

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