White Sturgeon Caviar Indulge Box, 250 grams

White Sturgeon Caviar Indulge Box, 250 grams
White Sturgeon Caviar Indulge Box, 250 grams
White Sturgeon Caviar Indulge Box, 250 grams

White Sturgeon Caviar Indulge Box, 250 grams

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Receiving this luxurious set, complete with a custom presentation box, gold-rimmed tin of fresh White Sturgeon caviar, a key to open the caviar tin, and four Mother of Pearl spoons, is not just a gift — it’s an experience. Gather and savor this Martha Stewart-approved delicacy. Dive into 250g of buttery, briney single origin caviar harvested in Northern California. It’s been salted once a month for peak flavor and is free of borax and preservatives.

• Gift set includes: 2505g sustainably farmed White Sturgeon caviar, 4 mother-of-pearl spoons, and a key to open the caviar tin, all beautifully presented in a gift box.
• ROE Caviar is sustainably harvested entirely by hand from a Northern Californian farm and salted for one month to ensure freshness, while enhancing and enriching its flavor.
• No preservatives and no borox are used in the preservation process.
• ROE Caviar stays fresh refrigerated and unopened for six weeks. Once opened, enjoy within 3 days.
• Martha enjoys serving ROE Caviar while entertaining and pairing it with potato chips- a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

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Sturgeon Caviar: Unbeatable Luxury

Is there anything more luxurious than creamy, salty, delectable caviar? This caviar from ROE is US-farmed and hand-harvested. The result? A top-end, restaurant-grade product at a reasonable price.

Indeed, this Caviar Indulge Box is perfect for luxurious canapes or for a gourmet twist on top of a variety of dishes. Embodying luxury in every aspect, it’s a truly regal gift or a well-deserved personal indulgence for a foodie.

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Why is sturgeon caviar the best?

Sturgeon roe makes for the best caviar - that much, culinary experts can agree upon around the world. Regional varieties of sturgeon yield different caviar, some more exclusive than others.

The caviar in this caviar indulge box is locally sourced in the United States and sets an excellent standard for sturgeon roe. Both affordable and of top quality, it’s a truly wonderful product, ideal for your next culinary adventure or as a regal gift.

Why is sturgeon caviar so expensive?

Sturgeon caviar derives its higher cost from the rarity of the product. Sturgeon populations have not been able to hold up to the international demand for caviar, which has made caviar a real luxury around the globe. This caviar indulge box transports you to that world of luxury at a comparably affordable price.

By sourcing their favorite caviar from a sustainable fish farm in North Carolina, ROE has found the perfect way to combine top-quality caviar with less exorbitant prices than competing brands. That’s what makes them one of Martha’s most trusted collaborators in the kitchen.

How does the caviar stay fresh in shipping?

ROE caviar is harvested by hand and salted for a month prior to sale. That process guarantees freshness and enhances the flavor of the final product. Because caviar is such a delicate product, it’s shipped to you overnight. Once opened, the caviar indulge box should be consumed within days. Unopened it can remain refrigerated for up to six weeks without a loss in quality.

The good news is that if you run out, you can order another tin on Martha.com and have it on your kitchen table the next business day!

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