Infinity X2 Kamado Grill

Infinity X2 Kamado Grill
Infinity X2 Kamado Grill
Infinity X2 Kamado Grill

Infinity X2 Kamado Grill

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While grilling is as old school of a summer activity as it gets, this Grill Dome Infinity X2 Kamado Solo grill brings an incredible innovation to the process, redefining what it means to cook out. Past the domed lid, which Martha Stewart has lauded, saying “the round shape provides even heat distribution while the thick ceramic walls hold in the heat,” this grill features an incredible rack system that has over 50+ potential cooking set ups and can expand to three tiers. The grill heats up within 10-15 minutes and has phenomenal heat control and retention — a wonderfully convenient feature for those who need to cook up something precise like fresh ahi tuna. Available in the exclusive Martha-inspired tone, Bedford Gray, this grill will be an attractive (not to mention compact, measuring 22” x 18”) addition to your patios or backyards. The grill comes with 2 half racks, 1 half stone, 1 drip pan, and 1 stack.

Please note, this item listing is for the Infinity X2 Kamado Grill, the Dreamcart is sold separately

• Round design prevents hot spots for perfectly even cooking
• Heats up to 750°F in under 15 minutes
• Superior heat control and retention for precision cooking
• More than 50 configurations for a fully customizable set-up every time
• Powerful Featherlight hinge helps you raise and lower the lid smoothly and easily
• Made with extra-strong 304 stainless steel hardware
• Bedford Gray finish is exclusive to
• Please note, this item listing is just for the Infinity X2 Kamado Grill, the Dreamcart is sold separately

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Grill Dome and Heat Control

The Infinity X2 Kamado is crowned by an unmistakable Grill Dome. "The round shape provides even heat distribution," notes Martha Stewart, allowing your burgers and brats to all cook at even times. No more moving food around from back to front, left to right, desperately trying to make everything cook perfectly. The Infinity X2 will handle it for you.

The thick ceramic walls on the Infinity X2 ensure exceptional heat retention and control. It heats up within 10-15 minutes, stays warm, and responds to your adjustments. It's a cooking system that allows you to prepare something as sensitive as ahi tuna without worrying about overcooking!

Stack and Rack System

The Kamado comes with a three-tier stack and rack system that makes it the perfect tool for cooking anything! With over 50 different internal set-ups, you can cook as much and as little, as big and as small as you need! The grill includes 2 half racks, 1 half stone, 1 drip pan, and 1 stack.

The Infinity X2 Kamado Grill is available in the exclusive finish "Bedford Gray", inspired by Martha Stewart herself. It will doubtlessly make an attractive, compact, and exceptionally functional addition to your patio or backyard!

Please note, this item listing is for the Infinity X2 Kamado Grill, the Dreamcart is sold separately.

Is a kamado grill worth it?

The Kamado Grill’s advanced heat control and retention feature make it one of the most technologically advanced grills available today. With even cooking and a beautiful finish, it’s a perfect fit for your patio - both functionally and aesthetically!

Why are Kamado Joe grills so expensive?

The Ceramic Walls and Grill Dome create a state-of-the-art cooking environment that is unrivalled in the business. The Kamado is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and exceptionally versatile when it comes to cooking your favorite foods. It’s a long-term investment in the way you experience your cook out, not just a regular grill.

What's so special about kamado grill?

Not only the Ceramic build set this grill apart - the three-tier stack-and-rack system allows over 50 different cooking set-ups, to adjust the grill’s internal shape and functionality for any dish.

Can you use regular charcoal in a kamado grill?

Yes. Hardwood Lump Charcoal will result in the best burn.

Can you use wood in a kamado grill?

Yes. Wood smoke does wonders in a Kamado Grill!

Which Kamado grill is best?

The Infinity X2 represents the absolute peak technological innovation of the Kamado brand. It’s a grill for grill aficionados.

Can Kamado Joe get wet?

The Infinity X2 is not affected by regular weather, although it is recommended you place a grill cover on it when not in use!

Can you cook pizza in a Kamado Joe?

Absolutely! Pizza is just one of the many dishes the X2 is perfect for. For best results, place a pizza stone in the grill in one of the over 50 set-ups the three-tier stack-and-rack system allows for.

How do I make my kamado grill hotter?

With a precise temperature control dial, ceramic walls, and fiberglass gasket, the Kamado is extremely responsive to changes in temperature - and maintains that temperature.

How long does it take to heat up a kamado grill?

The Kamado Grill takes only 10-15 minutes to heat up all the way to 750 degrees Fahrenheit!

Can you smoke in a kamado grill?

The Grill is perfectly compatible with wood and wood smoking set-ups.

How long do kamado grills last?

Kamado grills are a long-term investment. A product as sturdy and well-designed as the Kamado is built to last a lifetime.

Do you need to season a kamado grill?

There is no need for special seasoning procedures. Just practice good hygiene procedures, as you would with any grill!

Are kamado grills good for grilling?

There’s no better product for grilling on the market!

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