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For a professed “botanist at heart” like Martha Stewart, or just someone looking for a unique new flora to flourish in their indoor habitat, the Pilea is a charming and fruitful choice. As long as it’s not getting sunburned or shaded out, your little Pilea will thrive just about anywhere, even in artificial light, growing easily and producing little babies that can be propagated or shared with friends (it is nicknamed the Friendship Plant after all.) This Pilea comes already housed in an attractive and high-quality 5” ceramic planter. The Pilea is pet safe.

• Easy-to-grow, adaptable plant ideal for any indoor space
• Simple, chic ceramic pot complements all decor styles
• Share sprouted "babies" with friends or replant for even more greenery
• Pet-safe



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Pilea Plant

The Pilea Plant is one of Martha’s favorite potted plants. With its gorgeously shaped round-oval leaves, it gushes out of the pot with personality and vigor. It’s the perfect plant to share with your friends, as it reproduces all by itself. There’s nothing as charming as a gifted Pilea, especially when it comes in a white Pilea plant pot.

The white Pilea Plant pot is an elegant vessel for a comely plant. A high-quality ceramic product, it’s ideally suited for the Pilea plant, and will make caring for yours a complete breeze!

Plants at Martha.com

Plants are essential to Martha and her vision of the modern home. Decorating with potted plants lends every interior space an organic vitality and colorful depth. With the hand-picked potted plant selections from Martha.com, you are guaranteed a tasteful addition to your home.

How do you take care of a Pilea plant?

The Pilea plant is extremely easy to care for. You’ll want to keep it in a bright spot with lots of indirect sunlight (direct sunlight might burn its leaves). Pilea plants always grow towards the sun - you can manipulate the overall shape of your plant by turning the white Pilea plant pot every so often.

Water your Pilea gently and only when the top 75% of the soil is dry. Pilea plants thrive in low-humidity environments. But when it’s especially hot out, a gentle additional misting will only benefit your plant.

Does a Pilea plant need sun?

The Pilea plant definitely needs indirect sunlight. It thrives in a bright room. Any direct sunlight risks burning the leaves of your Pilea plant, however. Check your Pilea regularly to make sure it looks healthy!

If you rotate your white Pilea plant pot every time you water your Pilea, you can help it grow evenly in all directions. Naturally drawn towards the sun, you’ll be surprised how specifically the Pilea plant can chart a course of growth.

Are Pilea plants easy to care for?

Especially in a suitable vessel like the white Pilea plant pot, caring for your Pilea plant is an absolute breeze. Check-in on it regularly, keep it out of direct sunlight, but in a bright space, and don’t overwater it, and you’ll see remarkable success!

How often do you need to water a Pilea?

The Pilea plant only needs water every 1-2 weeks, when most of the soil has dried completely. That means it needs even less water than some of Martha’s other favorite low-maintenance plants like the Peperomia Plant.

In the white Pilea plant pot, your Pilea will be able to drain away excess water when you do water it. As long as you don’t water too often, your plant will thrive!

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