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A welcome addition to any indoor garden or windowsill, a Snake Plant is as low maintenance as it is hearty. Low light, dry air, humid air, or any condition in between, this charming two-toned vertical grower will just keep its upward momentum, bringing a lively and vibrant green cheer to its surroundings. Available in a 5” ceramic pot, this Snake Plant is the perfect size for a shelf or for beginning indoor growers who want to start small and expand. And expand this will — since the Snake Plant will grow 1-2” a year in bright light, within a few years, you can repot or propagate this thriving flora to make a bigger impact on the indoor ecosystem. Consider these wise words from Martha Stewart Living — “these plants absorb toxins, such as nitrogen oxides … in fact, it is one of the best air purifying plants to keep.” A win-win, if you will. The Snake Plant is not pet safe.

• Low-maintenance plant thrives in any indoor environment
• Simple, chic ceramic pot complements all decor styles
• Draining hole and ceramic saucer keeps plant healthy
• Great for better indoor air quality
• Propagate to expand your collection or gift to friends
• Not pet-safe—keep out of reach



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Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is one of Martha’s favorite potted plants. It has an impressive vertical build: its gorgeous lined leaves shoot up from the black snake plant pot like proud taper stalks. It’s ideal for any lover of interior flora. Not only an extremely comely, graceful plant, it also has real benefits and can improve the air quality of your home.

The black Snake Plant pot is an elegant vessel for an elegant plant. A high-quality ceramic product, it’s ideally suited for your home and will make caring for your snake plant a complete breeze! Consider the 7”-pot model for an even taller beauty!

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Plants are essential to Martha and her vision of the modern home. Decorating with potted plants lends every interior space an organic vitality and colorful depth. With the hand-picked potted plant selections from, you are guaranteed a tasteful addition to your home.

How do you take care of a snake plant?

Snake plants are wonderfully easy to care for. Keep them in rooms with lots of light, but out of the direct sun. Water them every few days, when the top layer of soil has dried completely. And repot them every few months or so, to maximize their growth and health.

When kept in the tastefully designed black Snake Plant pot, your Snake Plant will add to your interior with charming colors and real vitality.

Do snake plants need sunlight?

Just like most other potted plants of this kind, Snake Plants thrive in bright rooms but are at risk of burning their leaves in direct sunlight. As such, it’s a good idea to keep your Snake Plant in a room with windows, but out of direct sunbeams.

How often do I need to water my snake plant?

Watering your snake plant every few days, when the top inch of your potting soil has become dry and crumbly, is just fine. The snake plant does not need more water than that. Make sure that when you do water, you water enough for the entire depth of soil to get hydrated.

With the black Snake Plant pot, you have a built-in drain system that allows you to discard excess water. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

What is the benefit of having a snake plant?

Snake plants are considered some of the best plants to keep around the house. They have the ability to filter small concentrations of cancerous pollutants out of the air, including formaldehyde and benzene. Though one Snake Plant won’t overhaul your indoor air quality, it can contribute to you feeling healthy and safe in your home!

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