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Identified by Martha Stewart Living as a top houseplant, the Spider Plant is a unique contribution to a lush indoor space, offering whimsical and delicate leaves that sprout out in many directions like a firework. As enchanting on a shelf or windowsill as placed in a woven hanger, so much of the styling work is already done for you with the high-quality 5” ceramic pot. The Spider Plant thrives in high-humidity settings, making it the perfect plant for a bathroom, and while it prefers indirect sunlight, it will be perfectly happy to stay at its exact size in lower light settings. Pots available in smooth or fluted ceramic. The Spider Plant is pet safe.

• Easy-to-grow, adaptable plant ideal for any indoor space
• Simple, chic ceramic pot complements all decor styles, available in 5” ceramic pot or Macrame Hanger
• Place or hang in a bathroom with indirect or low light—this plant loves humidity
• Pet-safe



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Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is among the easiest potted plants to keep. With its centrally-sprouting build, it’s the ideal potted plant. It needs little water and indirect bright light, and not much else at all! In return, you get a wonderfully colorful and voluminous addition to your interior that will add a splash of life to your home decor.

The Spider Plant comes in a beautiful white Spider Plant pot that is ideally suited to house it. Indeed, the white pot is an elegant vessel for an elegant plant. A high-quality ceramic product, it will look right at home in a modern interior and will make caring for your Spider Plant a complete breeze!

Plants at Martha.com

Plants are essential to Martha and her vision of the modern home. Decorating with potted plants lends every interior space an organic vitality and colorful depth. With the hand-picked potted plant selections from Martha.com, you are guaranteed a tasteful addition to your home.

How do I care for a spider plant?

Spider Plants are extremely easy to care for. All they need is a lot of indirect sunlight and occasional water. Indeed, you should be careful not to over-water! You don’t need to hydrate it until the top half of its soil is completely dry.

The white Spider Plant pot comes with a draining tray that will capture any excess water! It’s tastefully designed and convenient!

How much sun does a spider plant need?

Spider Plants love to be sunlit, but direct sunlight may burn their thin leaves. It’s best to keep them in a bright room with lots of indirect sunlight. That way, they’ll get plenty of light to grow without the direct intensity of the sun’s strongest UV-rays.

Is the spider plant an indoor or outdoor plant?

The spider plant is an ideal indoor plant. When housed in the graceful white Spider Plant pot, you can care for it year-round in the comfort of your home. As long as you don’t over-water it or expose it to too much direct sunlight, your Spider Plant will love the indoors, where it will grow happily, rain or shine.

What are the benefits of a spider plant?

Spider Plants are considered air-purifying. They have the ability to filter small concentrations of harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide or formaldehyde, from your air, similar to the larger Snake Plant, also available on Martha.com.

By no means an all-encompassing safety measure, the Spider Plant is nevertheless a beneficial presence in your home. Let it make you feel healthy, and enjoy its easy-to-care-for presence and handsome white Spider Plant pot!

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