D'Artagnan Grass-Fed NY Strip Steaks

  • If you get luscious steaks delivered to your house … it’s basically a steakhouse, right? When you’re cooking up these D’Artagnan Grass-Fed NY Strip Steaks, with robust flavor and stunning, complex marbling, the answer is definitely yes. These steaks are the highest quality available, sourced from a U.S. cooperative of farmers who raise their cattle in a humane way for 5 years, nurturing them with a diet of grass and never any hormones or antibiotics. The vintage beef is single sourced and fully traceable to individual ranches, a superlative experience for a superlative cut of meat. The New York Strip is cut from the loin primal, beneath the backbone of the cattle. It is perfect for marinating, and this set of 4 or 8 12oz cuts will be the savory star of a special family meal … or a group cookout. If you don’t have time to marinate the steaks, try Martha Stewart’s Spice Rubbed Strip Steak recipe for a dinner packed with spicy, herbaceous flavor. The steaks will arrive frozen, and should be cooked within 1-2 days of defrosting.