D'Artagnan Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steaks


D'Artagnan Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steaks

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As reliable as it is relished in dining rooms across the world, a Ribeye steak will never let you down. There is simply no way to go wrong with this ample cut of juicy, marbled meat. With D’Artagnan’s Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steaks, you’re not only getting a thick cut and irresistible earthy terroir, you’re getting the guarantee of an ethically and humanely cultivated meal. The meat is sourced from U.S. based farmers who raise their cattle for 5 years (in the Spanish tradition of vaca vieja) on a grass-only diet and never any hormones or steroids. The highest-quality care is taken in every step of the process, right down to the way meat is carved to prepare this luscious cut for you. Enjoy your 4 or 8 14-oz steaks seared, and don’t forget to add the Martha Stewart recipe for Steak Butter or some Kimchi Butter for a unique twist. The steaks will arrive frozen, and should be cooked within 1-2 days of defrosting.

• Available in packs of 4 or 8 Ribeye Steaks, approximately 14 oz each
• Grass-fed single-source Australian beef is certified humane and raised without any hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics
• Aged at least 5 years on the hoof
• Sold frozen, in an uncooked state. May partially thaw in transit. Use within 1-2 days after defrosting

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Grass-Fed Delights

Grass-Fed beef just tastes better - free from a hormone-tainted food chain, you’ll love your favorite steaks infinitely more. The grass-fed beef ribeye steaks from D’Artagnan are restaurant-quality products that will make you fall in love with steak night again.

Select a 4-pack or an 8-pack, depending on how many people you are hoping to feed. Thanks to expedient shipping, you’ll get your top-quality grass-fed beef ribeye steaks within 2-days.

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Shipped expediently, straight from the source, these products will reach your kitchen table with their quality intact and deliciousness guaranteed!

Is grass-fed ribeye good?

It doesn’t get much better than real grass-fed beef ribeye steaks. Naturally flavorful and unequivocally top-quality, these steaks will assume their rightful place as your family’s favorite protein with ease.

Are grass-fed steaks better?

Grass-fed steaks are healthier, more flavorful, and perfect for gourmet dinners, any night of the week. The D’Artagnan Grass-Fed beef ribeye steaks feature some of the very best texture and quality imaginable in a steak - perfect for all kinds of recipes regardless of season.

What is D’Artagnan meat?

D’Artagnan Foods is one of Martha’s most trusted brands. Experts in online meat delivery, D’Artagnan have guaranteed top-quality American meat for decades. By selecting D’Artagnan meats on Martha.com, you make an investment in healthy, delicious meats that meet the moment for a weeknight dinner or a weekend feast.

How do these meats stay fresh in shipping?

With included expedited 2-day shipping, Martha.com and D’Artagnan combine expertise and expediency to deliver you your grass-fed beef ribeye steaks as quickly as possible. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of meat arriving on your kitchen table within 2 days of ordering!

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