Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
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Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
Copper Tri-ply Fry Pan, 8"
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Enjoy highly collectible, heirloom quality cookware in our Copper Tri-ply 8" Fry Pan from the MARTHA by Martha Stewart Copper Cookware Collection. The collection features all the beauty and finesse of copper cookware with the heat retention, temperature control, and nonreactive nature of premium 18/10 stainless steel tri-ply construction with a base-to-rim aluminum core. The fry pan features an angled extra-long handle for added control and a strong riveted connection. Rolled edges allow for drip-resistant pouring. This fry pan and its companion pieces are compatible with all stove tops, excluding induction, and are oven safe up to 550°F, affording you greater versatility in cooking methods Includes a cloth storage bag for storing and stacking without scratching.

• 8" copper fry pan with cloth storage bag
• Made of premium copper and nonreactive 18/10 stainless steel tri-ply construction with base-to-rim aluminum core
• Suitable for all stove tops (excluding induction)
• Oven safe to 550° F
• Allow pan to cool before washing
• Hand wash recommended with a soft sponge and hot, soapy water
• Dry while still wet with a soft cloth
• Polish with a quality copper polish to maintain the original copper appearance
• A natural patina over time lends an heirloom appearance
• Store in an enclosed cloth bag for protection against scratching
• Dimensions: 8" D (15.5" L including handle) x 3" H

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Not only does copper add warmth and elegance to your kitchen, its outstanding heat conductivity and ability to cool down quickly makes it a good choice for delicate foods like fish, sauces and emulsions.

Martha loves cooking with copper for her signature sole a la meunière and flavorful soup bases like parmesan stock for risotto.

We have designed each piece with a more pronounced angle where the cook surface meets the sides of the pan allowing for a larger cooking area for more even browning and searing.

Our tri-ply construction marries the excellent conductivity of copper with the non-reactive properties of a thick grade 18/10 stainless steel interior, which is suitable for acidic foods like fruit, tomatoes and cooking with wine.

Beyond the thoughtful design inspired by Martha’s love of copper, is the warmth and highly collectible, heirloom quality that it brings to your kitchen.

The versatility built into the construction means that you can tailor your method to achieve your desired textures and results.

The extra-long, riveted handles and generous helper handles were designed to provide leverage and stability while you transfer to and from your heat.

The perfectly sloped sides and the rolled edges of the fry pans allow for flawless turning and pouring.

The flat lids of the saucepans and stock pots not only seal in moisture, they are oven safe and designed for easy stacking and switching with our other companion collections.

Waiting for the pans to cool down before hand washing is important, and you’ll want to dry them with a soft cloth to prevent water marks

We recommend polishing your copper with a quality copper polish every few months to maintain its beauty and luster for years to come.

An added bonus is the cloth storage bag that comes with every pot and lid for storing and stacking without scratching, and for keeping your cookware pristine.