Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Au Gratin with Tray

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Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Au Gratin with Tray

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Rarely does a serving dish make its eponymous act so simple as this Au Gratin Dish does. Crafted from heat-retaining material and including a perfectly-fitted birchwood trivet, this dish simply has to be brought from the oven to table … no further work required! Your family, friends, and guests will be as endeared by the dish’s polished and eye-catching appearance in a Martha Stewart-selected shade of grey as they will be enamored with the sizzlingly hot and perfectly cooked contents. A dish this depth is ideal for au gratin recipes like potatoes or macaroni and cheese, or desserts like cobblers or crumbles, but can work wonders with oven-roasted veggies as well.

• This eye-catching baking and serving dish goes straight from oven to table
• Easy to clean enamel finish in beautiful Martha-approved colors with natural non-stick properties
• Excellent heat retention for keeping food warm
• Included birchwood trivet protects your surfaces
• Depth is ideal for ""au gratin"" recipes like potatoes and macaroni & cheese, and desserts like cobblers and crumbles

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Non-Stick Enamel Cast Iron: State of the Art Cookware

Simply stated, there’s no better way to cook than with enamel cast iron. An extremely versatile technology that cooks and heats food evenly, enamel cast iron is oven-proof, stove-proof and perfect for all your favorite dishes.

Because of its enameled cooking surface, food doesn’t stick to the cast-iron dish as easily. That makes them easier to work with and, above all, easier to clean.

But unlike regular non-stick cookware, these au gratin dishes give you all the benefits of cast iron cooking, including state-of-the-art heat absorption and distribution. You’ll never want to use anything else in the kitchen again!

Birchwood Trivet: Stove to Table

Each au gratin dish comes with a custom fit birchwood trivet, so you can serve them straight from the oven. There’s an undeniable rustic charm to table-side pans, hot from the oven. And Martha’s stunning blue dishes elevate the rustic experience to a regal.

Perfect for serving individual dishes, your guests will fall in love with the style and practicality of these handsome dishes.

Is the enamel on cast iron safe?

Enamel cast iron tools are amongst the safest assets you can have in a kitchen. Unlike regular cast iron, their durable coating prevents iron leaching and rust. They are easily handled and a dream to clean - what more could you want from a cast iron dish?

What's the benefit of enameled cast iron?

Enameled Cast Iron cooks food with all the heating power of a regular cast iron pan without any of the sticky, burned mess! A remarkably flexible product, it’s ideally suited for all of your cooking adventures - from steak to side dishes, oven-baked apps to scrumptious desserts.

What can you not cook in enameled cast iron?

Unlike regular cast iron, your enameled pans are suited for any dish you can imagine. Whereas highly acidic products can damage the seasoning of a regular cast iron pan, the enamel coating of these wonderful pans make them completely safe and effective to use with any food items!

What are the pros and cons of enameled cast iron?

There are almost no downsides to enameled cast iron pans. Though they take a little longer to heat up than regular cast iron pans, the difference is barely noticeable at all. With flexible food compatibility, easy clean up, and a stylish flair, they more than exceed the norm for what you’ve come to expect from your pans.

Can you sear steak in enameled cast iron?

Absolutely! Enameled Cast Iron pans are great for steak, and a variety of other foods!

Can you use metal on enameled cast iron?

Just like in a regular cast iron pan, metal tools are ideally kept away from your enameled cooking surface. Though they are by no means dangerous to use, they scratch the enamel coating and leave your pans permanently scarred.

Is enamel toxic in cookware?

Unlike regular cast iron pans, enameled ones run no risk of contaminating your food with toxic substances. The durability and quality of the enamel coating make iron leaching and other adverse reactions practically impossible.

Can you use steel wool on enameled cast iron?

You should not use any metal tools for cooking or cleaning in your enameled cast iron pans.

Can you soak enameled cast iron?

You can absolutely soak your enameled cast iron products! Unlike regular cast iron products, they run no risk of rusting - ever! That makes them extremely easy to clean!

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