Martha Stewart

Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide: Reset Your Health, Detox Your Body, and Feel Your Best

  • Our bodies know what is best for us, and sometimes it’s necessary to break some habits, get back in touch with unprocessed and uncomplicated basics, and give ourselves a reset (or a Clean Slate, if you will.) This book, from the editors of Martha Stewart Living, is both a manual and a mentor — offering as many recipes and immediate ways to cleanse your eating with a customized, wholesome dietary plan as longterm takeaways and key education points about the steps of a reset and the principle foods that will always nourish and regenerate our bodies. Including a plan for a 3-day or 21-day detox, and 175 recharging and restoring recipes, including substantive meals, healthy snacks, and powerhouse beverages, this book and its “manifesto” on clean eating are a must-read for anyone who is looking to restart and redefine their eating habits.

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