Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Hoyt 4-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

  • Though food prep is the step that takes place away from guest’s eyes and any motivations of aesthetic impression, it can still make an incredible difference to the experience to use high-quality bowls and utensils (and that they’re good looking is just a bonus!) The Hoyt Mixing Bowl Set will make mixing, baking, and making your recipe a much more efficient and streamlined process. The Set includes four bowls with a broad range of sizes (6.2 quart, 4.3 quart, 2.8 quart, and 1.8 quart) and lids for each so they can be utilized for marinading, overnight processes, and leftover storage. The bowls are made from durable polymers and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher for convenient cleanup.

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