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Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook

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  • "Baking offers comfort and joy and something tangible to taste and savor,” Martha Stewart said of this book, and the result — a culinary compendium of over 200 recipes written by Martha herself — is evidence of her words incarnate. From simple biscuits that can be whipped up on a weekday morning and modified with any fresh fruit available during the season, to decadent cakes that will be the star of the show at fanciful events like showers and dinner parties, this book truly embodies the full range of the baking experience (and the best of it.) In addition to the plentiful recipes and vividly illustrated guides, the book demystifies nuanced processes that were previously thought of as complicated or unapproachable. You, too, can have flaky, delicate homemade croissants on a Saturday morning. The culinary building blocks in this book will help good bakers become great bakers, and great bakers into even better ones.

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