Martha Stewart

Martha's Flowers, Deluxe Edition: A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying

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  • A lifelong lover of flowers, Martha Stewart has an unparalleled reputation for growing, gardening, and arranging breathtaking blooms. For the first time, she puts all of her knowledge onto the pages of this book, offering readers incredibly comprehensive insight on encouraging and caring for flowers at every stage, from seed to vase. Martha’s garden experience started in her formative years, helping her father in the family garden, and has only blossomed from there, with indispensable lessons learned from master gardeners and best practices gathered from years tending to the grounds of her own homes — all of which are bestowed on the pages of this beautiful book, in addition to stunning photography and bursting, brilliant arrangements from Martha’s homes. This deluxe edition features heavy card stock and a lush cover image.

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