Bellocq Tea

No.10 Jasmine Silver Needles White Tea

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  • The gentle, alluring fragrance of jasmine is unmistakable, but when it comes to tea, its floral flavors have proven to be irresistible. Bellocq’s Jasmine Silver Needles Tea, a personal favorite of Martha Stewart, is incredibly simple, yet incredibly nuanced at the same time. The Chinese white tea needles are heat-infused with the essence of jasmine flowers over a period of several days, resulting in a brew that tastes completely crisp and natural, like springtime in a cup. The tea also entices with earthy and apricot notes, which complement the garden-worthy flavor of the jasmine. The package comes with 2.5 oz of tea; to best prepare, steep 1-2 tsp. of tea in 8 oz of water for 4-6 minutes.

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