Martha Stewart

All Seasons 240-Thread Count Feather & Goose Down Comforter

  • When it comes to bedding, the decision between warmth and comfort should be simple — both. The Martha Stewart 25/75 White Goose Down & Feather 240-Thread Count Comforter has been designed to balance and blend these two experiences, so slumbering individuals, families, or guests will always feel just right when under its cozy covering. Doze the night away with this hypoallergenic, breathable blanket, filled with an all-natural blend of 75% white goose feather and 25% white goose down. Whether you use it as an insert for a stylish duvet, or let its simple and clean design set a minimalist mood for your room, the tangible quality of what is inside and out will prove this Comforter to always be an excellent choice.