Martha Stewart

All Seasons Bamboo Cooling Comforter

  • While we all want to feel snug and secure when tucked into bed, that shouldn’t foray into feeling sweaty (especially during the summertime months or in more humid climates.) While a comforter can’t do the work of air conditioning or a fan, this Martha Stewart 300 thread count Bamboo Multifunctional T Tencel™ Lyocell and Polyester-filled Cooling Comforter brings an innovative product design to the mattress that will offer sleepers an environment that is warm but never steamy. The 300 thread count  Tencel™ Lyocell fiber is an eco-friendly fabric that wicks away moisture and is silky smooth to the touch, while the 60% Tencel™ Lyocell and 40% polyester filling replicate the coziness and lift of a traditional down comforter, offering that sought after just-right level of warmth that will foster sound sleep both on warm nights and chillier ones.