Copper Bird Feeder

Copper Bird Feeder
Copper Bird Feeder
Copper Bird Feeder
Copper Bird Feeder
Copper Bird Feeder
Copper Bird Feeder

Copper Bird Feeder

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If you don’t have a bird feeder yet, now is the time! After all, as Martha Stewart says, “one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to observe and appreciate wildlife is by feeding the wild birds.” This handsome copper feeder will be sure to attract many avian visitors to your lawn — especially considering the four feeding ports and lipped feeding tray that catches any fallen seeds and doubles as a perch for the feathered guests. Constructed with real copper, the feeder is washable and refillable. Keep it stocked with the Martha Stewart Premium Bird Seed to cater to a wide variety of wild bird species. The angled cover keeps any rain or moisture away from the seeds, as do the built-in drain holes, meaning this is an all-season outdoor fixture.

• Made with real copper
• Washable and refillable
• Four feeding ports
• Angled cover to shed water away from seed
• Sturdy ring handle for secure mounting
• Lipped feeding tray prevents seed waste
• Built in drain holes helps keep seed dry

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A Home for Quality Bird Food

Birds deserve a beautiful vessel for their premium food. With this copper bird feeder, designed by Martha Stewart, birds will flock to your garden to partake in one of nature’s great exchanges: the heartfelt feeding of birds by people.

Extremely stylish, and easy to combine with every piece of outdoor decor imaginable, the copper bird feeder is a classic Martha Stewart piece: decoratively inspired and gorgeously functional.

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There is a place Martha treasures perhaps even more than her house: her garden. A passionate caretaker of flowers and wildlife, as well as a deft decorator of outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes, she has a personal connection to investing in the outside of a home, not just the inside.

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Do birds like a copper bird feeder?

Birds in your area will love the Martha Stewart copper bird feeder for its shine and smooth finish. Designed to be impeccably safe for birds, and with a stylish look that’s just as easy on the eyes as it is to mount in your garden, it’s the perfect choice for a bird feeder.

Are copper bird feeders safe?

Copper bird feeders are completely safe for birds and humans alike. In fact, there’s no better way to keep bird seed fresh and easily accessible for your favorite birds all while adding a gorgeous accent to your outdoor area.

What do I put in my bird feeder?

Martha loves nourishing people - and birds! Get a bag of her premium bird seed

Beyond plenty of sunflower seeds, this mix contains millet, a great source of carbohydrates for hungry birds. Natural grains and oils attract beautiful feathered friends to this seed - and will keep them strong year-round.

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