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Dreamcart Cover

Dreamcart Cover

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Protect your grill station with a custom cover, as durable and high quality as the equipment it is designed to fit. Crafted from oxford polyester with PU and UV coating, this cover will withstand weather, the seasons, and all of nature’s forces to keep the equipment underneath it in pristine condition. The heavy duty cover is meant to fit the Grill Dome Dream Cart, ranging the height and width of the expansive grilling station. Make sure to take good care of the grill that will be preparing amazing food for you by completing the set with this dependable cover.

• Made of heavy-duty Oxford polyester to withstand any kind of weather
• Polyurethane and UV protective coatings shield the cover from UV rays, extending its life
• Keeps your exclusive Bedford Gray finish in pristine condition year-round

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A Cover for Ultimate Grill Station

If you want to have a successful cookout, Martha Stewart-style, you’ll want a Dreamcart Grill Cart. It’s the ultimate grilling station, perfectly combinable with the Infinity X2 Kamado Grill.

But if you have a Dreamcart Grill Cart, you’ll need to find a way to protect its high-quality surfaces in harsher weather. That’s where this Dramcart Cover comes in. It’s designed to fit your Dreamcart Grill Cart with the Infinity X2 Kamado Grill perfectly.

Grill Dome Quality

Grill Dome has provided the absolute best in grillwear for decades. They are Martha’s most trusted collaborator in outdoor cooking for good reason. And that trust is reciprocal, as Grill Dome produces products in Martha.com exclusive colors that are the perfect fit for Martha’s vision of the modern home.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new cookout setup, look no further than the high-quality products from Grill Dome. You won’t regret it. Martha sure hasn’t!

What grill fits into the Dreamcart Grill Cart?

The Dreamcart Grill Cart is designed as the perfect home for the Infinity X2 Kamado Grill, also available on Martha.com in a matching exclusive shade of Bedford Gray. With those two products put together, your cookout set-up will be the talk of the town.

Style and decor are important to Martha. In her eyes, if a large product like a grill does not conform to the aesthetic qualities of the modern home, it’ll be an eyesore you’ll come to resent.

That’s why she teamed up with Grill Dome to bring you the Dreamcart Grill Cart and Infinity X2 in her favorite shade of gray. Instead of an eyesore, you get truly beautiful products - that also happen to be the very best grill tools on the market!

What is the Dreamcart Cover made of?

The Dreamcart Cover is made from heavy-duty Oxford Polyester and can withstand any kind of weather. It also features a UV-protective coating that will give the Dreamcart a longer lifespan and prevent damage or fading to it’s gorgeous, Martha.com-exclusive Bedford Gray finish.

Is the Dreamcart Cover weatherproof?

The Dreamcart Cover is weatherproof, even in the harshest conditions. Covering your grill cart at the end of the day no matter the weather will help extend its overall lifespan - and it’s a good habit to form. With this fitted dreamcart cover, it’ll be an easy, perfect fit every time.

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