Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Au Gratin with Tray

Martha Blue
  • Why is it that the most craveable dishes are the ones that can be eaten straight from the dish with a spoon? Cobblers, macaroni and cheese, and creamy potatoes au gratin are all in this special category … and they’re all also not-so-coincidentally the exact types of treats that this 10.5” Au Gratin Dish cooks perfectly. Created for easy oven-to-table presentation, including a perfectly fitted and preciously attractive birchwood trivet and impressive heat retention, this Dish is one of those pieces of cookware that is simple to employ and always hits the spot. Coated in nonstick enamel in the signature shade of Martha Blue, let this dish and its muse be your inspiration to try a great recipe like Martha’s tomato cobbler.