Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, 5QT

Martha Blue
Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, 5QT
Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, 5QT
Martha Blue
Martha Blue
Martha Blue
Martha Blue
Martha Blue
Martha Blue
Martha Blue
Martha Blue

Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, 5QT

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You won't find a more beautiful, higher-quality enameled cast-iron Dutch oven at such a great value—a fantastic price for a piece you'll use for a lifetime. This Dutch oven is the workhouse of Martha's kitchen, comes in Martha's signature blue, and features all the charm and appeal of the vintage cookware she loves to collect. Thoughtful details like a durable nonstick coating and self-basting lid make this the perfect pot for weeknight meals and special occasions alike. The pot's generous 5-quart capacity is perfect for making family-sized batches of soup, pasta, hearty slow-braises, and crusty loaves of bread.

This item is available in a 3-quart size.

• 5-quart capacity allows you to boil, sear, bake, braise, and serve in one pot
• Custom Martha-approved colors look beautiful in your kitchen
• Durable enamel cast iron is easy to care for and clean
• Self-basting lid and natural non-stick properties make for more delicious meals
• Compatible with all stovetops (including induction)
• Hand-wash only

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Dutch Oven Delights

This blue round dutch oven is a chef’s favorite. There’s perhaps no product more popular in the culinary world than a good dutch oven. Its properties make it the ideal stew pot, bread-baking dish, or every-day cooking help. Its uses are endless, its durability astounding.

Simply stated, there’s no better way to cook than with enamel cast iron. An extremely versatile technology that cooks and heats food evenly, enamel cast iron is oven-proof, stove-proof and perfect for all your favorite dishes.

Because of its enameled cooking surface, food doesn’t stick to the blue round dutch oven as easily. That makes it easier to work with and, above all, easier to clean.

Martha’s Favorite Hue

From the aesthetic genius herself, this blue round Dutch Oven could not be more beautifully designed. A simple, clean enamel coating in Martha’s favorite shade of blue accents the elegantly shaped pot.

Martha uses her dutch ovens almost daily. There is no better way to approach her favorite dishes, regardless of season. If you use your round Dutch Oven properly, it’s a long term investment in the joy of cooking!

What is a round Dutch oven used for?

A round Dutch oven can be used for cooking any dish you can imagine! From your favorite winter stew to a summer weeknight one-pot pasta, reach for your Dutch Oven for an unparalleled cooking experience.

Ever considered baking your own bread? Follow a recipe and bake your proofed loaves in a round Dutch Oven! The enameled cast iron of the walls and lid simulate the effects of a true baker’s oven, for the best crust possible for a home cook!

Is a round cocotte the same as a Dutch Oven?

The French term “cocotte” indeed describes a round Dutch oven. They are used widely throughout French haute-cuisine, which should tell you a little something about why Martha swears by them. In every corner of the culinary world, the Dutch oven is respected, used, and celebrated. It truly has the capacity to transform your food.

Can you use metal in a round Dutch oven?

Metal tools are ideally kept away from the enameled cooking surface of your blue round Dutch oven. Though they are by no means dangerous to use, they scratch the enamel coating and can leave your pan permanently scarred. While this won’t affect the viability of its cooking power, it’s an irreversible blemish.

Do I really need a Dutch oven?

Trust us, you do! There’s no single more versatile and useful product you can have in your kitchen. Once you invest in it, it’ll become your best friend in the kitchen. It’ll accompany you through years and years of cooking and baking projects - when used with care, it’ll last you a lifetime.

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