Martha Stewart Hillington Serving Platter, 15.5"

Martha Stewart Hillington Serving Platter, 15.5"
Martha Stewart Hillington Serving Platter, 15.5"
Martha Stewart Hillington Serving Platter, 15.5"

Martha Stewart Hillington Serving Platter, 15.5"

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The serveware you use not only functions as a way to contain and transfer the food you’ve created to the table, but as a first impression of what the upcoming meal will be. This Hillington Serving Platter exudes such an effortless elegance, the food atop it will instantly be regarded with additional awe and excitement. Its job well done doesn’t end there — the ceramic construction and high-gloss finish are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, meaning there is nothing but ease and convenience awaiting you when it comes time to clean up. The oval shape and 15.5” size make this Platter one that is perfect for roasts, whole fish fillets, or other show-stopping entrees. Pair this serving platter will any of the other Martha Stewart Hillington pieces, including the Hillington 12 Piece Dinnerware Set, for a complete, cohesive set, or let it stand on its own as an emblem of a meal well-shared.

• Made from fine ceramic
• High-gloss finish adds freshness and light to your table
• Impressive durability for years of everyday use or elevated entertaining
• Add to the dinnerware set to complete the look or use separately as an essential serveware piece
• Dishwasher and microwave-safe

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Fine Ceramic Dinnerware

No material better conveys elegance and simplicity to your guests than high-gloss ceramic. It’s the ultimate serving platter material - not just because it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. With durable construction and Martha’s elegant design, this platter, when used properly, promises years of elevated entertaining.

The Hillington Collection

The Hillington Collection is a signature Martha Stewart suite of products. Cohesive design, together with an inimitable touch of modern elegance, make the Hillington Collection a flagship group of products on

Whether you’re having a quick weeknight dinner or hosting a lavish feast, the Hillington 15.5-inch serving platter matches the moment. Breathe new life into your table setting with this bowl and its Hillington siblings, the 12-piece dinnerware set, the 9” serving bowl, and the 14” rectangular serving platter.

What are serving platters used for?

A 15.5-inch serving platter has as many potential uses as you can imagine. Use it to elegantly present meat or vegetables, and serve your meals on separate dishes from the ones they were cooked in! It’ll elevate your dinner table to a restaurant experience without additional clean-up!

Because the Hillington collection 15.5-inch serving platter is dishwasher and microwave-safe, you’ll be able to reheat food straight on the platter and have the machine clean it overnight! There’s nothing more convenient.

What is the difference between a tray and a platter?

While a tray can hold many dishes at once when carrying them from kitchen to table, a serving platter holds the food directly. That’s why, as part of the Hillington collection, it should match your dinnerware. It’ll create a cohesive table-side design and an all-engrossing dining atmosphere.

There’s just something elegant about an oval platter that can’t be replicated.

What is the best serving platter?

Martha designed the Hillington Collection with you in mind - who wouldn’t want a high-gloss ceramic dining experience that is user-friendly and lovely to behold. That makes this 15.5 serving platter the gold standard of platters - you’ll never need another one, but you might want a second one!

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