Hokus Crocus™ Crocus Flowerbulbs, Set of 100 bulbs

  • Colorblends bulbs will ship to you in the Fall when they are ready to be planted and may ship separately from other items in your order. All flower bulbs in your order will ship to you at the same time.

    You may think that these whimsical purple and white blooms are the work of magic, but Hokus Crocus™ (Crocus vernus) is less of a springtime spell than the reward of of these Colorblends bulbs come to fruition. Cultivated in the Netherlands, these bulbs will start blooming very early in the season, producing large, goblet-shaped flowers in tones of white, purple, and white with delicate purple striation. A population of these pretty stems can make your garden look just like Martha Stewart’s. As she said of the regal-hued Crocus grown on her farm in Bedford, New York, “I love the deep purple color. It’s a big favorite of everyone here at the farm.” Plant the 100 bulbs in full sun or partial shade in well-drained soil — the sunnier the locale, the earlier the bloom. The flowers will grow to be 4-6 inches tall.