Martha Stewart

Hooded Rain Jacket Slicker

Francesca Black
Light Stone
  • Simplicity meets its match of sophistication in this modern and metropolitan, yet entirely versatile and function-first Hooded Rain Jacket Slicker. With a relaxed fit that will flatter any wearer and allow room for plenty of layers underneath, this coat is an excellent pick for days displaying any type of weather. In fact, the waterproof fabric looks so chic and sleek dry, it is amazing how well it performs once the rain drops have started falling. Yes, one jacket can truly have it all. To find further support for that statement, one need only look at the snap closures that are easy to close and incredibly secure. Martha Stewart, famously a New Englander, certainly knows a thing or two about rainy days, which is why this comfortable, stylish, and high-performance jacket was created to be the total package.