La Marque84 Stoneware Round Casserole with Lid, 4.5 Quart

La Marque84 Stoneware Round Casserole with Lid, 4.5 Quart

La Marque84 Stoneware Round Casserole with Lid, 4.5 Quart

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One pot dinners are not only well loved for their convenience and easy clean up, but because they usually result in the the most craved type of food come a weeknight evening — comfort food. Serve your family, friends, and most importantly, yourself, all of the heartiest and most satisfying eats in one simple meal with this Sur La Table La Marque 84 Stoneware Round Casserole dish. Martha Stewart trusts no kitchen company more, and has plenty of one pot recipes (and even a whole book dedicated to them) as inspiration for what to create with this high-quality, 4.5 quart stoneware dish.

• Gray round casserole cookware with lid
• 4.5 qt.: 11” diameter x 4” H
• Comfort handles
• High-performance stoneware resists stains, chips
• Heat safe up to 500°F, freezer safe to -18°F
• Thermal shock resistant from 68°F to 350°F
• Safe for oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher
• Not safe for stovetop
• La Marque 84 Stoneware Collection

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Stoneware Casserole

Stoneware is among the most durable and versatile materials available for kitchen gear today. It all starts with a simple ceramic build that is molded, glazed, and fired at a very high temperature. The result is a durable, heat-conductive, evenly-cooking design that wraps your food in layers of heat.

Perfect for any meal and every occasion, stoneware has both rustic charm and top-end quality. It’s the right fit for your favorite meals and new experiments in the kitchen. Easy to use and to clean, it’s the perfect dish - both oven and burner-proof.

This gray stoneware round casserole dish is particularly ideal for an involved stew or roast - anything you start on the stove and finish in the oven. With 4.5 quarts of volume, you can feed an entire family from one dish!

Consider also baking your bread in one of these dishes from now on, for an even, crisp bake! With the lid on, this stoneware casserole simulates the effect of a wood-fired baker’s oven, ensuring that anything baked within is evenly and thoroughly prepared!

Sur La Table and Martha

Sur La Table is one of Martha’s most trusted brands in cookware. When it comes to stoneware products, especially, there’s no one she would rather turn to. Known for their dedication to chef-grade French-style products, the Sur La Table brand is respected throughout the culinary world.

Martha and SLT are a match made in heaven - browse exclusive collaborations only on, and rest assured that Martha Stewart herself is cooking with these products at home.

Can you put stoneware in the Oven?

Yes, absolutely! This gray stoneware round casserole dish is ideal for oven use! Whether you are baking something or finishing a dish you started on the stove - there is no better way to cook your food!

What is the best material for a casserole dish?

In Martha’s opinion, a stoneware casserole is a near-perfect product. She certainly uses nothing else for her casserole needs! Because of the excellent durability, versatility, and ease-of-use of this stoneware product, it should be your go-to dish for weeknight meals and weekend feasts!

What should I look for in a casserole dish?

When selecting a casserole dish, make sure you choose one that is worth the investment. With these Martha-approved Sur La Table stoneware round casserole dishes, you are making a long-term investment into a top-end kitchen product. When used with care, they can last a lifetime!

Beyond the explained benefits of stoneware technology, these particular dishes are extremely aesthetically-pleasing. Hand-picked for the store by Martha herself, they represent the absolute pinnacle of high-quality, beautiful kitchen gear.

Does it take longer to bake in stoneware?

A trademark feature of stoneware gear is its ability to retain heat - it’ll continue cooking your food for a little while longer after leaving the oven. The trade off is the slightly longer time it takes to heat up. But for a product with so many exceptional features, that is nothing to worry about - you won’t even know the difference when you’re in the kitchen.

How do you care for Stoneware dishes?

Stoneware dishes are a breeze to care for! With a durable glazed coating and a top-end ceramic build, stoneware is suited for any cleaning product - and is even dishwasher-safe!

Avoid soaking your stoneware in standing water overnight, but don’t be shy about scrubbing and cleaning the pan!

Does stoneware break easily?

Like all ceramic products, a heavy fall can break a stoneware product. In order to keep it maximally durable, avoid soaking it in your sink for too long. Don’t worry - dishwashers are perfectly safe for stoneware, as they’ll never be fully submerged, only cleaned!

Does stoneware scratch easily?

Metal tools for cleaning or cooking can eventually scrape the glazed coating of your pan, and should therefore be used with extreme care.

Is stoneware better than ceramic?

Stoneware undergoes a special baking, glazing, and sealing process that makes it more durable and useful than a simple ceramic dish. This gray stoneware round casserole dish is so much more than another pot!

Does stoneware have lead?

Sur La Table products are 100% lead free - just another reason they are Martha’s favorite stoneware tools.

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