Macrame hanger

Macrame hanger
Macrame hanger
Macrame hanger
Macrame hanger
Macrame hanger

Macrame hanger

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The dramatic, elegant, and noticeable effect of a hanging plant is an aesthetic touch almost no other greenery display can compare to in terms of making a statement. And if you’re going to put on a horticultural show, do it correctly with high-quality and attractive accessories like this Macrame hanger. Woven with care and in a way that both securely holds a plant pot (ideally 5”) and also allows its leafy inhabitants to shine, this plant hanger is easy to fasten to the ceiling and to brush off or wash if it becomes dirty or dusty. Assembled with the finest craftsmanship, the hanger measures 36” long, including a fun 7” tassel. Martha Stewart likes to hang plants like ferns and Rhipsalis at her homes, both of which would make great occupants of this stylish piece.

• Use with a 5" or 7" plant pot
• Works well with all kinds of houseplant and pot shapes
• Hanging tassel adds a touch of flair
• Easy to spot-clean (or gently hand-wash with mild detergent)



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Handsome Hanger

This Macrame Hanger is one of Martha’s all-time favorite ways to present a potted plant. An extremely flexible design allows the hanger to work with all kinds of pots and plants. It’s a modern, engaging, and intriguing design.

A hanging tassel made from the same high-quality yarn adds an additional decorative flair to this macrame hanger. You won’t believe how good it looks in your home. Whether your plant pot is black or white, it’ll look like a treasure when adorned by this brilliant product.

Plants at

Plants are essential to Martha and her vision of the modern home. Decorating with potted plants lends every interior space an organic vitality and colorful depth. With the hand-picked potted plant selections from, you are guaranteed a tasteful addition to your home.

Why should I hang my plants?

Hanging plants allows you to create multi-dimensional landscapes in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be surprised what a hanging plant can do to a room. From opening up corners to creating a dynamic look for a boring wall - a hanging plant can do it all.

With all the organic, vibrant effects of interior plant life and the added bonus of a truly unique approach to decor, a macrame hanger can revolutionize your interior. All your guests will want to get their own!

Will a hanger support my plants enough?

This macrame hanger is ideally suited for 5” or 7” tall plant pots and their corresponding plants. As long as your plant fits comfortably in a pot of that size, don’t fret about the weight! Once properly hung on a well-installed hook, for example, the macrame hanger’s high-quality yarn will support your plant reliably.

What is the best material for a macrame hanger?

As one of the most popular new approaches to plant decor, macrame hangers are starting to become available all over the place. The reason this product is the right fit for you and your home all comes down to the materials.

Crafted from a carefully woven, easy-to-clean rope product, the macrame hanger is accented by an elegant tassel that brings together the dynamic look of this customer-favorite product.

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