Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug

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With an intricate, woven, gem-like pattern that is as impressive up close as the overall effect is from a distance, this Martha Stewart Geo Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug will effortlessly enhance any space it is laid in. Pair it with woven chairs and natural textures for a more bohemian flair, or surround it with crisp white outdoor furniture and rich wood tones for an instantly classic appeal. For a true Martha Stewart touch, make sure to have some aqua and/or cream pillows around to pick up on its subtle, blue sky tones. The rug, which was produced in Turkey, is made with enhanced Polypropylene Frize, a durable, easy-to-clean, and nicely textured material with a .25” pile, and is available in two sizes.

• Power Loom construction is used to create a geometric diamond design
Made of an extremely durable polypropylene material that is stain, weather, and UV-resistant
• Indoor/outdoor use. Perfect for the patio, backyard, porch, entryway, mudroom, or kitchen
• Pile Height: .25”
• Made in Turkey

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Diamond Delights

Martha knows a thing or two about proper accent decor. She loves finding ways to highlight features in a room with subtle decor that pulls disparate ideas together. This geo diamond rug has a beautiful design that’s both easy to combine with other decor and full of its own personality. With it lining the floor of your favorite space, the whole room will appear in a new glow!

And it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use! If you’ve never accented your patio with a weather-resistant rug, you don’t know what you’re missing. There’s perhaps no decorative object more boldly tasteful.

Outdoor Decor on

Martha Stewart loves finding connections between a home’s indoor and outdoor decor. With personally designed products and decorative principles that find natural beauty in the most unexpected, refreshing, and beautiful ways, outdoor decor on is as flexible and versatile as it is high-quality.

Feel free to combine these products with any contemporary styles and design concepts. Intended as truly modern objects that deliver neutral, but flavorful accents to a space, Martha’s outdoor living products will heighten your home’s elegance with grace and ease.

Are indoor/outdoor rugs OK in the rain?

The beauty of an indoor/outdoor rug like this geo diamond rug is its weather-resistant design. Made from extremely durable polypropylene material, it can resist nasty stains as well as harsh sunlight or even a rainstorm. Just watch it dry off once the clouds part. It’s a truly remarkable product!

Can you leave indoor/outdoor rugs outside?

Yes! Although you may want to strike the rug for extreme weather events, it can be a part of your permanent outdoor set-up with confidence and ease. Combine it with beautiful patio furniture and feel the comfort in your feet.

Not only is the geo diamond rug weather-resistant, but it’s also extremely beautiful. Tastefully designed by Martha, with the modern home in mind, it’s the kind of accent piece that brings a whole new level of elegance and class to a set-up.

Can you hose off an indoor/outdoor rug?

You can indeed clean your geo diamond rug with a hose, ideally on a sloped surface that allows the water to drain quickly. It’ll dry perfectly, thanks to the ultra-durable polypropylene construction. Is there anything better than an easy to clean rug that’s also beautiful to behold?

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