Martha's Flowers: A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying


Martha's Flowers: A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying

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A lifelong lover of flowers, Martha Stewart has an unparalleled reputation for growing, gardening, and arranging breathtaking blooms. For the first time, she puts all of her knowledge onto the pages of this book, offering readers incredibly comprehensive insight on encouraging and caring for flowers at every stage, from seed to vase. Martha’s garden experience started in her formative years, helping her father in the family garden, and has only blossomed from there, with indispensable lessons learned from master gardeners and best practices gathered from years tending to the grounds of her own homes — all of which are bestowed on the pages of this beautiful book, in addition to stunning photography and bursting, brilliant arrangements from Martha’s homes.

• In this indispensable guide to the garden from the woman who knows it best, Martha Stewart shares her lifetime of knowledge on growing, tending to, and cutting and arranging fresh, bountiful flowers.
• 288 pages

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Floral Fantasies

Martha’s Flowers: A Practical Guide is the ultimate flower gardening book. From tips and techniques for maintaining a gorgeous, healthy yard, to advice on how to plant, care for, and select flowers for radiant bouquets, this book has a wealth of knowledge to share.

No matter if you’re an experienced gardener, or have no idea where to make your mark in the yard, this book is a fantastic way to expand your horizons in the flower world, with all the wisdom, wit, and love of Martha Stewart.

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What do I need this book for?

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own flowers to lend your home a palatial springtime elegance, you need Martha’s Flowers: A Practical Guide. A compendium of Martha’s best gardening advice resplendent with full-color photography and step-by-step guides, it’s a never-before-seen insight into Martha’s expertise.

Investing time in the growth of plants can be an extremely rewarding thing, especially when at the end of the road, beautiful colors await. Get started on your own flower journey today.

How many gardening projects are in this book?

On almost 300 pages, Martha Stewart lays out key advice for anyone who has ever wanted to grow their own flowers. Dozens of ideas tailor-made for beginners and experienced gardeners alike await inside this stunning book. Martha’s Flowers: A Practical Guide comes from the heart - and will lift yours up.

What do I need for the ideas in this book?

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