Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix

Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix
Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix
Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix

Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix

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When putting your green thumb to work with orchids, it is very important to be careful and precise with their treatment. These unique blooms may be more particular in their needs, but they will reward you with unforgettable foliage that will be a talking point in your home for months. A great foundation is essential to this care, and no better option could be found than this specialized Orchid Potting Mix. Formulated specifically for epiphyte orchids, including Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Epidendrum, and Dendrobium (all personal favorites of Martha Stewart), this fast-draining mix will keep the flowers nurtured and fed for up to 6 months. Use when potting or repotting orchids that need drier conditions, and allow the soil to create their ideal environment.

• Size: 8qt
• Grow bigger, more dramatic blooms
• Quick-draining for healthy roots
• Formulated for optimal aeration to nurture air-loving orchid varieties
• Provides continuous feeding for up to 6 months
• Ideal for all kinds and ages of orchid plants
• Not suitable for in-ground gardens
• Fertilizer Analysis: 0.17-0.05-0.11



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The Marvels of Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro is one of Martha’s most trusted collaborators in all things gardening. Their potting mixes and soils are the ones Martha uses in and around her home. With an all-natural, tried and true approach to plant food, Miracle-Gro promotes the healthiest and strongest growth for plant life in the home.

This Orchid Potting Mix is tailor-made for the delicate, scintillatingly beautiful Orchids. Give them the support they need to grow into their fullest, most beautiful selves!

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What is the difference between potting soil and potting mix?

Potting soil and potting mix refer to the same general product: soil for your potted plants. Importantly, however, make sure your soil and/or mix is for potting only when it comes to indoor plants. This Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix is exactly right for indoor-planted Orchids.

Gardening soil for outdoor use is not the same thing and has a very different balance that can actually be counterproductive for plants confined to a pot or other vessel! The same goes for the inverse: don’t use potting mix for in-ground gardening! Learn more about the difference in one of Martha’s gardening books, for instance!

What are the dangers of potting mix?

Some unreliable brands of potting mix can contain harmful bacteria. That’s why it’s essential for Martha to be selective about what soil she brings into her home. Miracle-Gro has exceptional quality and standards, which is why they are one of Martha’s most trusted collaborators in gardening.

Is potting mix safe for indoor plants?

Potting mix is ideal for indoor plants - in fact, you won’t want to use anything but dedicated potting soil for your indoor plants.

The Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix maximizes the successful growth of your Orchids by providing exactly the mineral balance Orchids need to succeed. They will grow into beautiful stalks of elegant color!

Can regular potting mix be used for Orchids?

Orchids are extremely sensitive to the environment. You might be surprised to learn that the best potting mix for Orchids contains little to no actual soil. Instead, it’s composed of fast-draining, but moisture-retaining, compounds.

It’s essential to give your Orchids what they need to grow: the Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix does just that.

What is the best potting mix for Orchids?

Martha has a clear opinion about this: the Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Mix is clearly the market leader for growing Orchids. Give your favorite flowers what they deserve today!

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