Frog Hollow Farms

Organic Pears & Apples

  • Fall usually gets a reputation for being apple season, but that overlooks the bounty of soft, sweet pears that also peak during these chilly months. Enjoy the best of both savorable fruits with a box of the freshest and best picks from Frog Hollow Farm. Sourced from local farms across California, Oregon, and Washington, this assortment assures that the flavor of the orchard arrives on your doorstep, as inviting, delicious, and seasonal of an opportunity as if you were reaching up to grab the fruit from the branch yourself. The apples range from a soft, delicate, blushing pink to a deep and dramatic burgundy, offering the full spectrum of colors and tastes that this beloved fruit is known to embody. The pears are exceptionally sweet, soft, have a smooth, silky texture that few other varieties can offer. Use both fruits to their advantage by layering their flavors together in Martha Stewart's Apple-Pear Pie with Walnut Crust. The assorted fruits are available in 3 lb (6-9 fruits), 5 lb (12-16 fruits), or 10 lb (24-26 fruits) boxes.