Frog Hollow Farms

Organic Pluots

  • A cross between a plum and an apricot, the pluot is a hybrid stone fruit that has earned its place in summer harvests and on many warm weather menus. Embodying the meaty texture of an apricot — perfect for slicing and snacking — and bursting with the sweet juiciness of your favorite plums, Frog Hollow’s organic pluots are a seasonal treat that shouldn’t be missed. Five pluot varieties are harvested on their farm in Brentwood, California, and the expert staff select the freshest fruits from the daily harvest to send to you in 3 lb (approx. 9-12 fruits), 5 lb (approx. 15-20 fruits), and 10 lb (approx. 24-40 fruits) boxes. Martha Stewart is always an advocate for hostess gifts, and a beautiful basket of fresh pluots would make a thoughtful, unique gift to bring to the host of a summer soiree.