Frog Hollow Farms

Organic Warren Pears

  • While many fruits stun with their bright colors, bold flavors, or unique shapes, pears are more of a subtle entry into the category. However, for those who have taken the time to explore the flavor, get inspired by the sweetness, and know the consistent satisfaction of an in-season pear, one thing is certain — this fruit is not to be underestimated. For those who keep pears around as often as possible, or for those who want to get in on the underrated, understated zest, Frog Hollow Farm's Warren Pears represent the perfect option. Featured in Martha Stewart Living and as one of Oprah's recommended holiday gifts, these fruits are the epitome of what a pear should be — soft, juicy, sweet, and never gritty. As Frog Hollow Farm's signature pear, these fruits represent all of the dedication and care that this unique, organic farm puts into their harvest. Enjoy the versatility of their flavor with sweet preparations like Martha's Pear and Pistachio Blondies, or contrasted with something salty and savory, as in Martha's Pear and Prosciutto "Carpaccio." The pears are available in 3 lb (4-6 fruits), 5 lb (9-12 fruits), or 10 lb (20-24 fruits) boxes.