Sur La Table

Sur La Table Multi-Purpose Walnut Spoon

  • In search of an all-purpose kitchen spoon for serving all kinds of dishes? Look no further than Sur La Table’s Walnut Spoon. This staple of the kitchen is ideal for using with nonstick pans, made of natural walnut that won’t scratch or damage cookware. With variations in wood grain, each piece is uniquely built with a broad spoon that covers large surface areas and easily reaches into the peskiest of corners. Delightfully designed and available in a range of sizes, the spoon is a must for stirring sauces, serving hot soups and a little bit of every kitchen task in between. With its versatile and durable design, adding this to your arsenal of utensils requires little thought. What you’ll prepare with it—might we suggest Martha Stewart’s bechamel or classic red sauces—is an entirely different conversation.