Sur La Table Outdoor Paneled Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Sur La Table Outdoor Paneled Double Old-Fashioned Glass
Sur La Table Outdoor Paneled Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Sur La Table Outdoor Paneled Double Old-Fashioned Glass

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Get the most out of your favorite cocktails by sipping them in this Paneled Double Old-Fashioned Glass. Stylishly crafted, this sturdy glass is BPA-free and shatter-resistant as well as top-rack dishwasher-safe. Perhaps you’ll feel most relaxed with it while enjoying an old fashioned, but you also can’t go wrong drinking a rye sazerac or paloma from it. The options—and the potential for memory making—are endless with this luxurious addition to your home bar.

• Dimensions: 3.4” diameter x 5.8” H
• Capacity: 14.5 oz.
• Shatter-resistant
• BPA-free plastic double old-fashioned glass
• Paneled clear design looks like glass
• Material: methacrylate styrene
• Top-rack dishwasher safe

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Sturdy and Stylish

This paneled double old-fashioned glass is perfect for a late-summer outdoor nightcap. Built to resemble glass in every way, it is actually constructed from a BPA-free hard plastic that makes it scratch and shatter-proof. The last thing you want to deal with is picking glass shards out of your lawn when you’re out watching a glorious sunset!

Whereas some plastic products are visibly low-quality, this outdoor paneled double old-fashioned glass is a beautiful piece. Crafted with you in mind, it’s a stylish product that won’t challenge the quality of your serveware. And yet, it’s the ace up your sleeve - never worry about cleanup with this top-rack dishwasher-safe beauty. Summer Parties have never been easier!

Sur La Table and Martha

Sur La Table is one of Martha’s most trusted brands. When it comes to kitchen gear or serveware, there’s no one she would rather turn to. Known for its dedication to chef-grade French-style equipment, and tasteful pieces of table decor, the Sur La Table brand is respected throughout the culinary world.

Martha and SLT are a match made in heaven - browse exclusive collaborations only on, and rest assured that Martha Stewart herself is cooking with these products at home.

What makes a good old-fashioned glass?

There are many reasons why this paneled double old-fashioned glass checks all the boxes for an excellent old-fashioned glass. For one, it’s beautifully built and feels like a high-quality product in your hand. All the while, it’s built from BPA-free hard plastic that makes it scratch and break-resistant.

It’s also a “double” old-fashioned glass, meaning it has twice the capacity of a regular old-fashioned glass. That means less time spent re-pouring, and more time spent enjoying!

What is the difference between rocks glasses and old-fashioned glasses?

For all intents and purposes, these two types of glassware serve nearly identical purposes. An old-fashioned glass is generally considered more decorative, with a more distinct thick bottom.

The paneling on this double old-fashioned glass is beautifully delicate, with real texture and decorative spirit. That makes this exemplar a true old-fashioned glass!

How big is an old-fashioned glass?

This double old-fashioned glass has a volume of 14.5 ounces, which is about twice that of a regular old-fashioned glass. Plenty of room to serve a double serving of your favorite cocktail on the rocks!

What is the best old-fashioned glass?

Martha has no doubts: this paneled double old-fashioned glass is one of her absolute favorite pieces of serveware for summertime. You’ll be a quick convert to the school of break-resistant plasticware for your outdoor feast. With this Sur La Table design, you’re losing no amount of quality or taste, and just getting more convenience!

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