Sur La Table Stainless Steel Double Pastry Cutter

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Double Pastry Cutter
Sur La Table Stainless Steel Double Pastry Cutter

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Double Pastry Cutter

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Baking doesn’t need to be an overcomplicated event, and it won’t be when using Sur La Table’s Double Pastry Cutter. Constructed with stainless steel and a hanging loop for easy storing, this practical baking tool allows for straight or fluted slicing. Pie, pastry, and baking steps never felt easier. Wow party crowds with one of Martha Stewart's favorite designs like intricate latticed toppings to seasonal, summer fruit pies, or create scalloped crust edges with the one-and-a-half-inch wheel. Thanks to this instrument, your baked goods will look as sweet and delectable as they taste.

• Size: 7” long, 1-1/2” diameter wheels

• Durable stainless steel construction
• 2 wheels: cut straight or fluted pastry dough
• Hanging loop


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Stainless Steel Quality

There is no material better suited for the kitchen than stainless steel. Safe, durable, and dishwasher-safe, it’s the perfect material for a pastry cutter. Clean-up won’t be any more difficult than the smooth cuts you can make with this unique tool! Martha swears by her stainless steel pastry cutter, and so will you.

It’s a tool with a range of functions - because of its durable stainless steel design you can use it to cut pastry and pasta dough and never have to worry about it failing you in a pinch. With two wheel-cutters, you can make even the most mundane pie crust into something decorative and unique!

Sur La Table and Martha

Sur La Table is one of Martha’s most trusted brands in cookware. When it comes to kitchen gear, there’s no one she would rather turn to. Known for its dedication to chef-grade French-style equipment, the Sur La Table brand is respected throughout the culinary world.

Martha and SLT are a match made in heaven - browse exclusive collaborations only on, and rest assured that Martha Stewart herself is cooking with these products at home.

What’s a pastry cutter used for?

You can use a double pastry cutter for a wide variety of dough-related tasks. From pie crusts to pasta dough, there’s nothing this pastry cutter can’t cut cleanly. The key advantage of using a pastry cutter in baking is the even lines you’ll be able to cut with it. No more hackneyed edges with this glorious tool!

What can I use instead of a pastry cutter?

Though you could certainly use a knife to cut pastry, it just won’t yield the same clean, impressive result. With the double-pastry cutter you get a straight and wavy edge that is so easy to keep even and neat that you won’t believe you’ve been using knives all this time!

How do you use a pastry cutter?

Using a pastry cutter is easy as pie - pun intended! Simply drag the cutting wheels along your dough on top of a scratch-proof counter surface and - voila! If you’ve ever used a circular pizza cutter, it’s a very similar process.

The double pastry cutter is significantly more precise, however. And the wavy wheel allows you to create decorative crusts, pastries, and even long pasta that will look as good as they will taste!

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