Sur La Table Stainless Steel Prep Bowl, 3 Cup

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Prep Bowl, 3 Cup

Sur La Table Stainless Steel Prep Bowl, 3 Cup

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The most trusted method for Martha Stewart’s meal prep? Mise en place. However, all the pre-cooking activities become easier when using Sur La Table’s Stainless Steel 3 Cup Prep Bowl. Perfectly sized for marinating and mixing all types of ingredients, this dishwasher-safe bowl is durable and fitted with a stable, flat bottom. With the ability to be stored nearly anywhere around the kitchen, mise en place will never feel like a mess again.

• Dimensions: 6.5” x 2.5”
• Capacity: 3 cups
• Flat bottom to stabilize the prep bowl on the counter
• Doesn’t interact with acid-based foods
• Material: Brushed stainless steel
• Dishwasher safe

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Stainless Steel Excellence

There is no material better suited for the kitchen than stainless steel. Safe, durable, and dishwasher-safe, it’s the perfect material for a bowl. Clean-up won’t be any more difficult than adding your ingredients! Martha swears by her stainless steel bowls, and so will you.

Thanks to a simple, clean design, this 3 cup stainless steel bowl looks and feels professional. There is no better feeling for the passionate home cook than a reliable product that’s not a headache to store - stack it with other stainless steel bowls of various sizes for manageable storage.

Sur La Table and Martha

Sur La Table is one of Martha’s most trusted brands in cookware. When it comes to stainless steel products, there’s no one she would rather turn to. Known for their dedication to chef-grade French-style equipment, the Sur La Table brand is respected throughout the culinary world.

Martha and SLT are a match made in heaven - browse exclusive collaborations only on, and rest assured that Martha Stewart herself is cooking with these products at home.

Are stainless steel bowls good for marinating?

Stainless steel bowls are perfect for marinating! With their safe, easy-to-clean surface, and durability, you can use them to marinate your favorite protein or vegetable with ease! As every restaurant chef will tell you, there’s no better product to easily marinate your food in than a 3 cup stainless steel bowl - you’ll have plenty of volume to work with!

Is a stainless steel bowl good for baking?

Because stainless steel is so durable, it’s the perfect material for a mixing bowl. Your favorite doughs are just a stir away! The 3 cup stainless steel bowl is a great way to prepare your favorite baked goods before placing them in an oven-proof dish!

Is stainless steel good for mixing bowls?

There’s no better material for mixing bowls! The Sur La Table 3 cup stainless steel bowl is scratch-resistant, tough-as-nails, and a great fit for any recipe you can think of! Mix your favorite ingredients in this bowl and be amazed by its toughness and cleanliness!

With 3 cups of volume, you’ll be able to make a whole batch of cookie dough or marinate plenty of chicken overnight!

What are the best prep bowls?

In Martha’s humble opinion, there’s no better prep bowl than a stainless steel prep bowl. Durable in even the most extreme kitchen environments, it’ll keep your food safe and is a dream to clean! Got lots of food to prepare for a big feast? A quick run through the dishwasher will allow you to reuse your bowl expediently!

What can you not mix in a stainless steel bowl?

Unlike other metal bowls, which can be reactive to certain acidic foods, stainless steel bowls are safe to use for any food! If you clean them after use and keep them stored well, they can last for a very long time!

Why do chefs use metal bowls?

Because stainless steel bowls are so easy-to-clean, durable, and rust and chip-resistant, they are the go-to for every professional chef. Elevate your kitchen game with a universally approved kitchen product, perfect for beginners and essential for hardcore cooks!

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