Tukano™ Tulip Flowerbulbs, Set of 100 bulbs

  • Colorblends bulbs will ship to you in the Fall when they are ready to be planted and may ship separately from other items in your order. All flower bulbs in your order will ship to you at the same time.

    A classic Dutch tulip (Tulipa), boasting sunny shades of white and yellow with dramatic red feathering, it is easy to see why people would be enamored with a flower such as Torch Song®. Blooming mid-season and growing about 18-24 inches tall, these flora are attractive and cheerful additions to a springtime garden or a stunning bouquet. To plant the 100 Colorblends bulbs, sourced from the Netherlands, find an area with full sun (and ideally a bit of afternoon shade) and well-drained soil. While the shade can help prolong flower life, especially in hotter regions, “too much shade will diminish blooming,” Martha Stewart advises — so if you have the choice, opt for a sunnier spot.