Good Things

Good Things are exceptionally useful products that embody three core values: function and innovation, quality at a value, and beauty. Martha is a longtime authority on these special finds and shares her favorite Good Things every week—stay tuned for fantastic new discoveries, trusted to be best-in-class.

Etsy Collections

Martha’s favorite finds for home, hosting, gifting and more are available to shop in a curated Etsy collection to fit any budget. Martha celebrates the talented artisans and makers behind her handpicked selection and finds joy in their unique creations that are not to be missed.
Blue Diamond Almond Flour

Martha’s go-to baking flour for sweet and savory dishes is Blue Diamond Almond Flour.  Made with 100% California-grown almonds, it's gluten-free, finely sifted, and adds a nutty flavor and fluffy texture to all your favorite home-baked creations.

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Schaller & Weber

Discover Martha’s favorite sausage for serving straight from the grill, the griddle, and even in soups and stews. With unsurpassed quality and an authentic German recipe New Yorkers have flocked to since 1937, it’s easy to see why our resident culinary expert enthusiastically approves.

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Lively Household & Pet Cleaners

Draw deep cleaning inspiration from Martha by harnessing the natural cleaning power of probiotics. Martha relies on the good bacteria in Lively’s advanced formulas to safely and effectively help keep her home surfaces clean and her pet areas stain- and odor-free. Some products deliver up to 3 days of cleaning power.

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STIHL Garden Shears

Effortlessly tackle precision pruning and ornamental trimming with Martha’s go-to tool, the game-changing HSA 26 Battery-Powered Garden Shears from STIHL. Lightweight construction, multiple attachments and long battery life put power and performance in the palm of your hand.

Longfield Gardens

As an avid gardener, Martha knows the value of quality plants. She selected these color-coordinated dahlias, double Oriental lilies and easy-care perennials based on her own in-the-garden experience. Grow a more beautiful garden with Martha!

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Bon Ami

Since 1886, this nontoxic cleanser has been gently cleaning hard surfaces - Martha swears by its safety and effectiveness.

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Soft Scrub

You can trust Martha's tried and tested housekeeping favorites including these go-to formulas for cleaning every surface.

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